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Courses in 2016-2017 School Year

At FCD Chinese School, we provide mainly 3 kinds of courses. They are: Chinese language and Culture, Advanced Mathematics, and Culture and Physical Educational courses.

A. Chinese Language and Culture courses:
1. The kindergarten program: This program at FCD Chinese School accepts children 4 to 5 years of age. Based on age, students are divided into Kindergarten I and II, respectively. In keeping with the psychological and developmental characteristics of this age group, teaching materials include children’s poems and songs that are edited and taped by our experienced teachers. Students will learn about 60 Chinese children’s poems, 60 children songs, and about 200 Chinese characters within two years. The aim is to help students learn correct pronunciation, rhythm, sentences, and vocabulary through the interesting and easily memorized children’s poems. In the classroom, large word cards are used to teach students Chinese characters. Homework consists of both interesting graphs and Chinese characters. Within two years of learning in the kindergarten, students will develop a solid foundation for future regular Chinese study. Our kindergarten teachers are selected strictly based on their teaching experience, dedication, and singing and dancing abilities.
2. MLP Chinese Program: This program is mainly for the students who have Chinese Mandarin speaking environment at home.
At FCD Chinese School, the students in this program will use very famous, American edited “Dr. Ma Liping(MLP)’s Direct Chinese Character Recognition Method” as their teaching materials. MLP textbooks include 10 different levels. Grade 1-4 is mainly for Chinese vocabulary study through interesting stories. There are a total of about 1,400 common Chinese characters in these 4 books, satisfying basic requirement for reading. Grade 5-7 is Computer Chinese typing, famous novel reading and Chinese writing skill training. On grade 8-9, the students will mainly focus on the Chinese Culture study by introducing various fields of abundant Chinese cultures. Grade 10 will review all of the most important Chinese items the students learned before and start to familiar with the methods to pass AP Chinese, SAT II Chinese as well as the Chinese HSK intermediate exam.
The newly developed MLP technique of first learning Chinese characters then Chinese PinYin, more reading than writing, and repeating of new words, have proven to be a powerful method to learn Chinese language, especially for children of Chinese speaking families living abroad. Using this method, students will feel accomplishment and develop strong interest in learning Chinese language. By intensively Chinese culture study, students will be proud of the great culture and be proud of their Chinese background.
3. CSL Program (Chinese as a Second Language): This program offers
Mandarin classes for children and adults who do not have a Chinese (Mandarin)-speaking environment at home. It is taught both in Chinese and English at beginning, with increasing proportion of Chinese as the class progresses. The aim is to help students, through 5 to 6 years of learning, to pass the SAT II Chinese exam. Children in this program will mainly focus on listening and speaking, but reading and some writing are taught at each level as well. The textbooks for beginner and intermediate levels are "Sing and Learn Chinese." The textbooks for advanced level are "Chinese Made Easy."
The adult CSL class or tutoring is specific designed for individuate
requirements according to his/her purpose of Chinese learning. The adult CSL
class usual is one to one tutoring for 2 hours each week.

B. Advanced Mathematics Class:
Very experienced teacher helps student to practice really “logical thinking Math” with different pretty interesting math questions.

C. Culture and Physical Educational courses.
FCD offers following Culture and Physical Education Courses:
Chinese Culture Appreciation Class;
Soft clay sculpture class;
Lego class;
Children's painting Class;
Web design class;
Go class;
Public Speech Class;
Children's dance class;
Theater performances class;
Chinese Kung Fu Class.

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Chinese New Year celebration ceremony

FCD Chinese school will hold a Chinese New Year celebration ceremony
and awards issue of our story-telling contest on 11am of Feb 10, 2018. I
do hope all of parents and students can attend it. From this Saturday,
you can start to buy lunch tickets from Liang Laoshi, our Administration
Director. The ticket costs $6 for each adult and $2 for student. Try to
buy the tickets earlier, so we can have enough time to buy enough meals.